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Kráľova hoľa – uk


Kráľova hoľa is the highest mountain (1,946 m) of the eastern part of the Low Tatras in central Slovakia. This fairy-tale mountain emblazoned with legends continues to be one of the most-visited peaks of the Low Tatras, overviewing the unique scenery of the Spiš, Liptov and Horehronie regions together with impressive High Tatras background.

Along with Sliezsky dom, Martinské hole or Poľana, Kráľova hola climb belongs to one of the most ambitious cycling ascents in Slovakia. With its 1946 m, it is one of the highest peaks of the Low Tatras, but also one of the few in Slovakia that can be reached by bike.

Our tour will start in the village of Šumiac and continue partly on asphalt and partly on gravel roads, one direction only- uphill and uphill…

The route profile is not so terrible. Only 4 km with incline over 10%. Suitable for Cross bikes:)

Try it with us! You will be rewarded with a feeling of euphoria over the climbed summit, we will be rewarded with a feeling that we are not the only fools in their 50´s, who are trying to prove something to themselves.

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