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Bohemian Canada


Bohemian Canada. A place in the middle of nowhere, that 20 years ago nobody knew about. Also a place were being spotted meant being caught by the border police within 10minutes. In the past decade we´ve observed and amazing transformation of this previously prohibited zone into a cycling and golf paradise. Just a few years ago I was promoting Bohemian Canada (pohraničné pásmo Kunžak, Dačice, Slavonice, Nová Bystřice a Jindřichuv Hradec) as a perfect cycling destination. One side of the border (the czech side) provided Vepřo knedlo (Roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut) with beer for a song, a few kilometres farther, on the austrian side top quality cycling roads. Austria for cycling, the Czech Republic for relax.

Not 5 years went by and everything has changed. Bohemian Canada came to life. Today, Nová Bystřice is the centre of cycling nirvana. Next to NP Bohemian Switzerland, Šumava and Sliezsko, Bohemian Canada belongs to one of the last undiscovered corners of the czech tourism.

Bison, Canadian prairies, Indian wigwams, castles, old border paths, forgotten monasteries, lakes, great beer, authenticity, game specialities … A pleasant climate in the summer, 5C less than the average summer temperature, endless kilometres of wild solitude. The absolute best is the new cycling trail through Peršlak, that connected Chlum and Třeboňsko lakes with this beautiful place on earth.

In Třeboňsko region you will meet thousands of like-spirited cyclists. No wonder why. One gets a feeling that everybody here cycles.

Landštejn, narrow-gauge railway, Staré Město, old factories, Jindřichův Hradec, Blato, Peršlák pond Zvůle, lost paths … Bohemian Canada is wild. If you don´t know it well, it is easy to get lost. Roads zigzag, even during socialism border guards built many curvy trails to confuse the fugitives. Flatland can only be found in the pub or around a urinal. Climbing 1000m daily is not unusual here. Hills are not too high, but they are simply everywhere. Just as the smell of forest, mushrooms and the silence surrounding you.

For your inspiration, here are some routes:

  • Česká Kanada – Rakúsky okruh
  • Do srdca Českej Kanady
  • Z Kanady na Třeboň

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